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    New Original Bluetooth Smart Watch

    With the high-end nad well-designed appearance, the portable multifunctional smart wristband is perfect in: tracking steps, distance measurement, calorie consumption management, monitoring your sleep cycle, time displaying, waking you (for drinking, sitting for too long, waking up) with a silent wake alarm.  U8 smart wristband is your perfect companion, stay with you everywhere and keep a health record of your body.




    Model: H8

    Appearance material: Aluminum alloy shell, soft rubber strap

    Bluetooth version: 4.0BLE (low power consumption)

    Screen: OLED 

    Memory: 64KB RAM + 64KB ROM

    Sensor: G sensor

    The main chip: Quintic QN9021

    Bluetooth chip: Quintic QN9021

    Battery type: 301425

    PCB size: 34.6*14.5*0.8

    Display: OLED

    Compatable with: Android 4.3 or above, Ios 6.1 or above (such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S),

    Standby time: Normally use for 2-3 days, standby for one week.

    Color: Blue, Orange, Mint blue, Light green, Black

    Functions: Step counting, ranging, calorie consumption management, sleep management, time display,event reminders (water, medicine, etc., meeting custom) 

    call reminder, information reminding,clock display, alarm, remote control, sedentary remind vibration self timer clock.




    Time display: Sync your smart phone with LED digital time display.

    Reminder: Setting reminder for drinking, taking medicines, meeting, sitting for too long or other customised alarm.

    Call reminder: When incoming calls are not answered in certain time,the smart wristband will remind you by vibration.

    Message reminder: When new message arrived, the smart wristband will remind you by vibration , in that case you won't miss any timely message.

    Tracks steps: Record and track steps accurately.

    Distance measurement: Measure your daily walking distrance precisely.

    Calorie consumption management: Caculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burn-up calorie.