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    The Waterproof Gardening Claw

    • 1Pair * Garden Gloves
    • Material: Rubber + Polyester + ABS Plastic
    • Color: As the Picture.

    Be prepared for the gardening season with these amazing Clawed Easy Gardening Gloves.


    With these gloves there really is no need for any other tools when attending to your plants.

    The claws on one of the gloves are made from super strong ABS Plastic and will protect your fingers and nails perfectly while allowing you dig, rake and grab soil, dirt and rocks. With the other non clawed hand you can grab and hold plants while the clawed hand does all the "dirty" work. 

    Gardening was never this easy. This amazing set of gloves is durable, yet light-weight and breathable.

    The gloves will keep your fingers and hands protected while being comfortable.